Wella Koleston 60ml 44/65

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Pure Naturals:
Natural shades from silky, glossy black to radiant blonde
Authentic, brilliant and pure
Pure Natural shades providing perfect grey/white coverage and reliable results

Rich Naturals:
For a natural and sophisticated look
Delicate, elegant and refined
Fashionable, harmonious shades with warm and cool accents.

Vibrant Reds:
P5 – for long-lasting and vibrant end-results
Expressive, striking and breath-taking
Distinctive red spectrum from lustrous copper to intensive reds and deep violet shades.
Longer lasting P5 technology

Deep Browns:
Mysterious, sensual and elegant
The brilliant brunette family with iridescent warm and cool shades. Rich and se-ductive like chocolate

Special Blonde:
With 33 % more conditioning agents* for amazingly gentle high lift blonde
Beautiful, radiant and clear
An alluring spectrum of blonde shades with unique warm and cool tones for un-surpassed high lift and smoothness.
Triluxive Plus technology with 33% more conditioning ingredients for the ulti-mate gentle lightening.

Special Mix:
Bright, Long lasting colour
Exceptional, creative and personalized
Unlimited colour possibilities and special effects – limits are made to be exceeded. Use pure to intensify strands or sections of hair. Add to Koleston Perfect to create stunning individual colour results



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Wella Koleston 44/65


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