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Organic & Mineral Gel Colour 4/3 2 x 9gm Bottles

Gel Colour is a semi, a demi or a permanent colour. It lasts as long as you require. Non-ammonia, Non-peroxide hair Gel Colour is the most revolutionary product. It is a 95% water based product that is effective in colouring grey hair. Gel Colour is activated by water and not peroxide, it works with the hairs natural base to produce a vibrant lasting colour. There are 20 shades in the range. Applied to damp hair it is a Temporary colour. Applied to well towel dried hair it is a semi-permanent and covers up to 50% grey. Applied to dry hair it is a permanent tint and colours up to 100% grey. Sensitive, controllable and textured effects with water colour, the depth of colour can also be finely tuned by how long it is left on. If you have highlights and want to tone them to a warmer or darker shade, Gel colour can retain the highlighted effect. If you have a percentage of grey or white hair Gel colour just these hairs creating beautiful natural lights. Simply choose a shade lighter than your natural base colour.


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